offers smart marketing templates and advice for small to medium businesses

Create professional press releases in 5 easy steps

Who We Are offers smart marketing templates and advice for small to medium businesses.

We provide easy marketing plans and templates to help you start marketing your small business fast, without investing a lot of time and money up front.

Our featured tool is the Press Release Tutor™ interactive templates, which let users write professional press releases in 5 easy steps.

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Using Press Releases to Market Your Business
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Press Release Tutor Features

Writing press releases is essential to promoting your business, but creating the right message can be challenging, especially for "non-marketing" professionals. Press Release Tutor guides you through this process in 5 easy steps:

Step 1:
Select a template
Step 2: Develop your company message using our interactive questionnaire.
Step 3: Create your boilerplate, a short and compelling description of your company.
Step 4: Complete and edit your template; Tutor Tips provide advice on messaging fundamentals.
Step 5: After some final editing, preview your draft, then download and distribute!