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"Really beautiful site! Very succinct and right to the point. We are looking forward to using this turn-key marketing solution to have professionally created releases, timely tips, white papers so we stay at the top of our clients' minds."
-- Evelyn Milani, President, InfoSYS

"Just when we need it! A valuable, fast and informative, interactive business website at last!"
-- Anthony de Losada, President, International Business Consultants

Small Business Marketing Advice offers smart marketing templates and advice for small to medium businesses, including the Press Release Tutor™, an interactive template that takes answers to basic questions about your business, and turns it into a well-written press release, instantly!

If you are a small business owner trying to get started marketing your business, be sure to subscribe to our blog and download our free "Smart Marketing Playbook" article series. Our blog discusses simple strategies to help small business owners grow their business, while our featured articles provide more insight into the ten smart marketing plays that can help make your business successful.

The philosophy of is to teach your small businesses to walk before you run, by offering some easy, actionable tools, templates and advice that will help you achieve some early marketing success, and prove the value of marketing to your business.  So don’t experiment with "trial and error" marketing tactics; let get you started marketing your businesses fast, without investing a lot of time and money up front.


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