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Marketing Plans and Templates

The goal of is to provide simple marketing plans and templates to small business marketers and entrepreneurs who need simple, actionable tools to help them get started in marketing. Don't waste time and money experimenting with "trial and error" marketing strategies. Having a marketing plan doesn't have to be an overwhelming process or an expensive proposition. Focus on a few marketing plan fundamentals at first, and then add more marketing activities over time.

See below for a list of low-cost marketing templates for press release planning, a marketing planning calendar template, and email messaging templates. You can start marketing your businesses fast, without investing a lot of time and money up front.

Using Press Releases to Market Your Small Business - PowerPoint Presentation

Need help convincing your marketing colleagues, business partners, value-added resellers and other key stakeholders you work with, of the importance of Press Release marketing? Download this 15-slide presentation on how to use press releases to promote your small business. It talks about when to use press releases and how they can be used in a variety of ways.

Price: $4.95

Press Release Primer - a small business guide to writing professional press releases

Write your own professional press releases for your small business using the Press Release Primer, a follow-along guide that illustrates all the basics of writing professional press releases. This 23 page guide details how to build your own release, describes how to create your company boilerplate description, and provides 3 different press release templates for announcing: 1) a new product or service; 2) a new customer win; and 3) an award or special recognition. The Press Release Primer illustrates how to create your press release headline, introductory paragraph, and all the body content you need for each announcement type. Complete examples are shown at each step, making it easy to follow along. Start writing your own small business press releases today with this helpful guide.

Price: $24.95

Press Release Distribution Checklist - tips on how to distribute press releases

Using press releases to market your small business is essential to your success. Each of your new customer wins, awards, promotions, and other business accomplishments is an opportunity to promote your small business with a press release. After you have drafted your press release, it’s important to plan for the next steps. Need some tips? Download the Press Release Distribution Checklist, an easy marketing planning tool that will walk you through what to do next, including appropriate reviews and approvals, and a 10-step press release distribution strategy.

Price: $4.95

Marketing Planning and Calendar Template - helpful insights and templates for planning your marketing activities

For small business owners and marketers, getting started marketing your business can quickly become overwhelming. It doesn't have to be! The Marketing Planning and Calendar Template helps you to keep it simple, by providing an actionable marketing planning methodology in an easy-to-use template. Learn about the four phases of the customer purchase process and the various type of activities that can be used at each phase. Learn how to use a simple planning calendar to schedule your marketing campaigns through out the year.

Price: $9.95

Email Marketing Template - Promoting Your Customer Win or Success

Promoting customer wins or successes is an effective "smart marketing basic." Featuring your successful customer in email campaigns allows you to build trust and credibility with prospective customers, and gets them interested in reading your specific marketing message. Use this template to learn how to structure an effective email message to promote a customer win or success. It includes helpful messaging strategies and an illustrative example.

Price: $6.95

Email Marketing Template - Event or Seminar

Email is an effective marketing basic for any business. For small businesses, holding educational webinars or special events, is a great way to drive sales leads and prospective customers to your small business. Use the Event or Seminar Email Marketing template to learn how to structure an email message to promote an event your small business is hosting. It includes helpful strategies and an illustrative example.

Price: $6.95

Email Marketing Template - New Product or Service Offering

Effective email campaigns require clear, compelling marketing messages that articulate who you are, and the value of your product or service. When launching a new product, email campaigns can help you cost-effectively reach out to new customers. Small and medium-sized businesses can use the Email Marketing Template - New Product/Service to learn how to structure an email message that quickly identifies with your target customer or end user, and promises sufficient value or benefit. This template includes helpful strategies and an illustrative example.

Price: $6.95

Email Marketing Template - Special Promotion or Community Program

Whether you are a small business offering a special promotion, or a local government agency announcing a new community assitance program, promoting this news via email will drive customers or end users to take advantage of your offer. Download the Email Marketing Template - Special Promotion or Community Program to help you create a clear, concise and compelling message for your promotional program email campaign. This template includes helpful strategies and an illustrative example.

Price: $6.95