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"Just when we need it! A valuable, fast and informative, interactive business website at last!"
-- Anthony de Losada, President, International Business Consultants

"Really beautiful site! Very succinct and right to the point. We are looking forward to using this turn-key marketing solution to have professionally created releases, timely tips, white papers so we stay at the top of our clients' minds."
-- Evelyn Milani, President, InfoSYS

Introducing the Press Release Tutor

Writing press releases to promote your small business is essential, but can be challenging when you are not sure how to create the right message. If only you had some easy-to-use press release sample templates that you could follow. You know your business the best, and why customers buy from you. If only you could get instant, low-cost professional help to walk you through how to write a press release.

The Press Release Tutor is the answer to this dilemma! The Press Release Tutor provides interactive templates that show you how to write professional press releases in 5 easy steps. Simply create your account to get started!

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How Press Release Tutor Works:

Write professional press releases in 5 easy steps

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The Press Release Tutor includes 5 types of press release templates, allowing you to select a press release that best matches the news you want to announce. Create your account to preview each release type:

  1. New Product or Service Press Release Template
    Announce a new product or service for the first time.
  2. Customer Win or Success Press Release Template
    Announce a new customer win, or customer case study.
  3. Event or Seminar Press Release Template
    Promote a webinar or training event you are offering.
  4. Special Promotion Press Release Template
    Launch a special promotion or program with a special offer.
  5. Award Announcement Press Release Template
    Announce outstanding achievements or recent awards.

By using automated web forms and our pre-defined data inputs, the Press Release Tutor actually guides you through writing a professional press release in real-time! For only $59.95 per release, the Press Release Tutor will provide you with step-by-step press release template with the following features:

  • Each template features a concise, one page format that helps you keep your news succinct and easy to read.
  • An auto-fill feature that incorporates all your company boilerplate messaging across all templates, saving you time.
  • Cues or prompts when you need to provide additional information specific to each announcement type.
  • Example press release content that lets you easily follow along
  • Tutor Tips that coach you with helpful advice on effective press release messaging fundamentals.
  • After some final review and editing by you, download your press release into PDF or Microsoft Word format, and distribute!

Create your account today! Writing professional press releases doesn't need to be confusing and costly. Write your own professional press releases using our easy 5 step process. Create your SMBmarketer account today and get your small business marketing fast

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